Elgin Archxerciser Foot Strengthening Device

Prevention is better than cure and one of the best ways to avoid plantar fasciitis is with the Elgin Archxerciser Foot Strengthening Device. This foot arch exerciser is designed to strengthen the musculature of the foot and also increase the range of motion of the metatarsal joints, which is especially useful for people who are recovering from bunion operations, as it helps to loosen up the big toe. The Elgin Archxerciser is also useful for treating conditions associated with contracted toes, fallen arches, mild plantar fasciitis and heel spurs relief.
Elgin Archxerciser Foot Strengthening Device

The Elgin Archxerciser provides confrontation for key foot exercises used in clinical rehab of the arch and foot. The Archxerciser affords patients relief from painful feet by strengthening the foot's essential and extrinsic musculature. Treats a diversity of common foot ailments include plantar fasciitis and heel spur symptoms. Archxerciser has a selection of applications. Useful for treating the foot and ankle after surgery, it also get better an athlete’s and dancers jumping act and acts as a preventative aid against tender feet for those who stand for extended periods. 

It is very easy to use. It consists of a frivolous board with a heel stop and a toes slide mounted on springs. The design is to scrunch your toes against the confrontation of the springs and so exercise and strengthen the muscles of the feet. And this machine makes doing the exercises very simple, particularly as you can do them whilst working at your small table.

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