Heel Spur Relief - Molded Rubber Heel Wedges

Wedge heels explain heels that run the length of the sole or bottom section of the shoe, in the form of a wedge. This is differentiated since other forms of heels that just provide a heel that drops behind from the heel of the foot and comes to a point. You usually see wedge heels in summery shoes, with release toes, in slides, or in strappy sandals.Using wedge heels get the heel spur relief.

The wedge itself may have adornments or designs, and can be complete with molded plastic or rubber. Wedge heels can have what looks like a non-natural wood-grain, be covered with jute rope, as is the casing with espadrilles, or basically look like an extension of the sole featuring the same important color as the shoe.  Middle dual udometers for maximum comfort while standing, walking or running.

Softer silicone blue dot under heel center maximizes shock inclusion and comfort at point of impact
. Shock gripping Silicone Gel Heel Wedge absorbs impact and shock at the heel of the foot. Slim line designs make sure fit all shoe types, including ladies shoes, running shoes and football boots. Heel lift design also relieves injure on the Achilles tendon.

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