Heel Fissure Treatment

Use of homemade foot rub prepared using salt or sugar, baby oil, coconut oil or applying moisturizers like cocoa butter, Eucerin is efficient in treating heel fissure. Rubbing stridex pad on the unnatural part exfoliates dry skin, washing feet in lukewarm water followed by application of Vitamin E oil, or straight massaging the cracked skin on feet with cucumber juice or soft tissue also shows significant development. Set up mix of turmeric powder, honey, olive oil and sandalwood powder also helps to make skin soft and soft.
Heel Fissure Treatment
Home remedies can care for cracked heels however there are ways to prevent them nearby keeping your feet moisturized. Avoid walking around barefoot for extended periods of time. Wear shoes that offer foot and heel support when standing for a long time. Keep away from wearing shoes with an open back every time possible. Open-backed shoes can cause your feet to expand. The pressure from your feet expanding can cause your heels to crack, says the Foot and Ankle Center of Washington. Fatness is often a major cause of cracked heels. Behind weight can ease a little of the stress on your heels.

If heel fissures are hurting, severe, happen to infected or start to bleed, seek medical treatment directly. Your doctor can verify if there's a more serious causal problem, such as an under active thyroid, diabetes or psoriasis. If you contain diabetes or a compromised protected system, the Southernmost Foot and Ankle Specialists propose seeing a doctor to identify and treat your foot condition.

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