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Heel spur is a common problem. It’s characterized by pain and discomfort while walking. It is caused by calcium deposit on the heels .It is something that can affect people of every age, from young champs to grandparents nobody is immune to it. It’s a common problem found in overweight individuals. Stress given to the heel bone, and the connecting tissues attached to it can cause this problem. It may happen due to walking a long distance, running with improper shoes etc. Thus one must take care as to not put too much pressure on the foot at once.
Symptoms of heel spur
The first symptom of heel spur is pain near the heel. In some cases the pain will come and go. The patient might experience tenderness near the ball of the foot. One might find difficulty in walking. It may be accompanied by swelling in the bottom of the foot.
Heel spur remedies
The first things that you can do for heel spur relief, when experiencing symptoms is to apply ice pack. sometimes the heels gets swollen and applying ice pack can bring some relief. In case of women, if you are experiencing this problem on and off then you must make sure to avoid high heels. High heels cause stretching of the heels. Sometimes if you work out after a long time or for the first time you might face this problem, because your body is not used to such activities. If it is due to workout then try to take it slow and start with stretch. Gentle warm up by doing knee bends, rotating ankles etc. It can happen due to poor diet too, deficiency of calcium can be one of the reasons. So you can take calcium supplements which would help soften the tissue and allow normal functioning.
In case these remedies fail to effect it’s better to go for a physical therapy. The physician would strap the heels, so that it provides some kind of relief. The doctor can do an x-ray because that would clearly revile the cause of the problem. If the doctor finds a bony growth then the treatment will be done accordingly. He can inject some medicine near the heels too.
The treatment depends upon the cause of the problem so it’s always advised to consult a physician before taking any major step. If the pain persists then you might need surgery.
One of the major reasons for this problem can be due to improper footwear and mostly improper cushioning to the heels of your shoes. In that case you can buy heel spur cushions these cushions can be placed inside the shoes and are available for all sizes. It provides proper balance to the foot and reduces pressure from the heels. It provides proper balance and protection to the foot. There are different types of heel spur cushions available so you can get one that suites best for your problem.

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