Heel Spur Relief - Range Roller

The Range Roller is a massage therapy tool that is intended to let one to give him or herself a more effectual deep tissue massage. It is especially well suited to be used by athletes of all ability levels who, since of their relatively steady training routines, are prone to repetitive pressure injury, it reduces the heel pain. The deep tissue massage that it can give should help athletes to prevent injuries, aid in their revival from stress workouts, and increase blood flow to any injured areas. The Range Roller is designed to replicate the effects of a personal massage in a confidential setting, but without the high cost it’s reduce the heel spur.
heel spur relief kit

Pro Therapy Supplies is an official dealer for the Range Roller by Medi-Dyne,it using heel spur treatment. Available in three sizes with diverse firmness levels to meet all of your self-massage needs.  The Ranger Roller’s single and exclusive activate treads enable you to reach deeper than other Stick massage. These original, variable depth rollers massage both the outer and inner layers of muscle and connective tissue to more efficiently warm muscles, increase circulation, relieve knots, reduce scar tissue, and increase performance.
heelspur relief rangeroller

The Pro is perfect for the athlete that needs to get deep into a specific portion of the muscle. It is suggested for the heavier athlete as well as the athlete with an above average amount of muscle mass.

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