Heel Spur Rescue Foot Cream

You desire your feet hydrated, but you surely don’t want to lose your footing around in your socks. The no greasy formula lets you situate on wash right after application, while the urea and mineral oil help flat out rough heels and soften skin.
This rigorous treatment is specifically designed to enter, moisturize, and fix even the toughest cracked and calloused feet. Different other foot creams, PROFOOT's formula is non-greasy and rapidly leaves feet feeling soft, silky-smooth, and refreshed. Don't be fooled by this expensively rich formula's silky-smooth finish. It has serious moisturizers and emollients to help repair you’re cracked, calloused, and dry feet.

Powerful coenzymes that boost the skins natural ability to renew it and reduce free radical injure. Thanks to its low molecular weight, CoQ10 penetrates rapidly and easily to help restore collagen and elastic levels for best skin health.  Heels save Foot Cream thick, luxurious, yet non oily formula for Dry, Scaly, and Cracked heel Relief. Not too oily; Not too nasty; Fragrance without charge. Don't be fooled by this luxuriously rich formula's silky-smooth finish.

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