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Heel Spur Symptoms - Causes of Achilles tendon Pain

Control the pressure point in your Achilles tendon. This is the edge running between your calf and heel. Wring both sides of the Achilles tendon with calm pressure. Be careful when you do this or it will be fairly painful. Unexpected increase in the frequency of dull activity involving the Achilles tendon, burdens the tendon with too much stress in a short time. This results in a micro damage of the tendon fibers. 
Because pressure is continuously applied, level after the micro injury, the body is powerless to repair the injure. The tendon organization gets tainted and leads to intense, nonstop pain.Overload rolling of the foot or hyperpronation results in the further application of strain on the tendon. This is because people who hyperpronate contain their arches drop from the non weight bearing location or sitting position, to the weight actions or standing position. When the arches drop, the ankles roll in and the heels bend. Leaning in on the heels results in increased tension on the inner attachment of the tendon. This results in pain.

Achilles pain is also caused by rubbing of the shoe heel counter beside the tendon attachment area. Unsuitable shoes featuring extremely stiff soles, limit the forefoot movement, and effect in tendon pain. The tendon in women wearing high heeled shoes, get reduced. Further, when they wear flat shoes and run, the tendon is put under increased stress and pain.According to certain studies, one more contributing factor of heel cushioning is extreme heel cushioning. In the shoes designed to give better shock inclusion, the heel makes contact with the ground and sinks lower as the shoe absorbs the shock. This results in the stretching of the tendon. Some of the other Achilles tendon pain causes are sudden increase in training, hill running, accidents, weak calf muscles or tendons, side effects beginning certain medications, etc.

Depending on the level of damage and duration of damage onset, the condition is treated. During the early on stages of the injury, hold of the foot by using a cast can decrease the tension on the tendon. Ice can also be helpful to the inflamed area, so as to decrease the swelling. Oral medications and physical therapy are also use to treat Achilles tendon. While such non surgical treatment methods fail to bring out tendon healing, surgical procedure is required. Rupture most usually occurs in the middle aged male athlete .Injury frequently occurs during recreational sports that require bursts of jumping, pivoting, and running. Mainly often these are tennis, racquetball, basketball, and badminton.
Achilles painDepending on the degree of injure and duration of injury beginning, the condition is treated. During the early stages of the injury, control of the foot by using a throw can reduce the tension on the tendon. Ice can also be applied to the inflamed area, so as to reduce the swelling. Oral medications and physical therapy are also used to treat Achilles tendon. When such non-surgical treatment methods fail to carry out tendon healing, surgery is required. To prevent the recurrence of pain and injury after the surgery, the foot and ankle surgeon recommends stretching and strengthening of the calf muscles via Achilles tendonitis exercises. The patient should wear proper shoes to prevent further damage.

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