Heel Spur Treatment - Reasons and Remedies of Heel Spur

Heel spurs can be very annoying. Sometimes the patient might experience mild pain but on the other hand the pain can turn severe. It’s not a major problem and there are many things one can do for heel spur relief, but before curing one has to understand the symptoms of heel spur properly.

The first one is pain in your heel it might be on and off, especially when you step out of bed in the morning. Secondly there can be swelling, the heal turns red and puffy. There can be a bony growth which you will feel when touched.

Here are some of the main causes of heel spur as well as heel spur relief methods:

The first one is weight of the body if your body weight is more, then it will put pressure on your feet and heels support the legs. Thus you should consider reducing body weight. It’s one of the common reasons why overweight individuals face problem in their legs. You can apply ice packs to get some relief .then there are ointments available in the market that can help ease the pain too.

Putting pressure on heels - this can happen when you suddenly start putting pressure on your heels. It’s a common problem faced by individuals who has started to work out, as well as people who walk or run a long distance. It happens because the body is not used to doing such things especially heels. So, the pressure builds up and the heels give up. Thus one must do warm up before workout you can try something like gentle warm-up of the ligaments and legs, you can try out knee bends, toe curls and rotate the ankle in circles. That’s the reason warm up is considered important because it helps the muscles get ready for the actual workout.

Footwear- wearing footwear that puts all the pressure on to the heels can be another cause of heel spur. It’s commonly found in women due to the designs of ladies footwear. Especially high heels that cause stretching of heel ligaments and stretches to the arch and heel. If you find any heel spur symptoms then its best to avoid heels. Instead you can try a pair of flats and you must try to wear shoes with proper motion control that helps provide proper support to the heels.

Heel spur cushions are very effective and helpful for people facing this problem, these cushions are placed inside the shoes and it will provide balance and support to the foot. Usually it's made up of high quality polymer and shock absorbing materials which will help you, walk even if you have heel spur. Secondly these heel spur cushions are antibacterial and it’s fungus resistant so it will provide you better protection. There are many types of heel spur cushions available and that too for every size, as per price that depends upon the brand you buy.
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