Leather Heel Spur Cushions

The Solon ideal Heel Cushion protects your heel cushion your footstep and efficiently relieve pain in your feet, knees and hip joints. The just the thing cushion yet includes an anti-slip glue for added protection of the product, preventing them from down out of place.
Reduces heel pain, absorbs shock, and softens each step. Soft, lively sponge rubber tapered to the thinnest possible edge, sheltered with silky smooth breathable real leather. Handle perfect Leather Heel Cushion is anatomically bent to provide the ultimate in cushioning comfort.

The heel take ups our full body weight as we stand or move. Allowing for that the heel withstands up to 2 1/2 times our weight as we walk and up to 3 1/2 times our weight as we run, it is effortless to understand how, when stressed, heel pain can widen. This pain frequently radiates to the ankle, knee and hip joints and also to the lumbar and cervical spine. This obviously can cause pain in our joints, spine and heels.

Soft heel pad, made from latex and real vegetable tanned leather. Real leather absorbs moisture. Relieve heel relief, knees, hip joints and back. Self-adhesive backing to insure the perfect stays in position.
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