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Heel spur is a very common problem faced by many individuals every day. It is an annoying pain in the heel, which comes and goes away. If left untreated the problem might persist and the patient might have to undergo surgery. The most common symptom is pain in the heels, accompanied by puffy feeling and redness of the heels. It effects worse when you step you foot on the floor in the morning.
There are plenty of reasons for heel spur to occur. The most common one is the use of wrong footwear, which does not support the heels properly. It’s seen especially in case of women, who were high heels. A high heel stretches heel ligaments and causes stretch to the arch.
Another reason can be a tiny bone formation that develops in the heel. It might be small but it will cause discomfort while walking. Then there is a case where you might have put sudden pressure to the foot. It happens when you workout, take a long walk or start running. In such a case you must take proper rest. To prevent something like this from happening you should start with some warm up exercises for you leg and foot. In case you still face problem while walking or putting your foot down then it’s best to seek help of a physician.
Sometimes the problem happens due to the use of improper footwear rather shoes, because it does not provide proper support to your foot. In that case you should try heel spur cushions; it’s a kind of a pad that can be put in your shoes. It provides custom support and it’s made up of shock absorbing polymer.

The design is such that it provides a proper balance to your foot. That’s not all most of the brands mix anti fungal and anti bacterial things to it. So that it provides better protection. Some brands have comfort gel padding. It reduces friction, heel strike impact as well as unpleasant odor which can happen due to bacterial activities. It’s available in different designs that provide support in different way so you can select one that suits your shoe and problem. It’s something that is prescribed by doctors for relief and you can use it even when the problem is cured. 

There are many heel spur cushion available in the market and every one offers the best quality product. As per the cost that depends upon the size of the cushion and the brand as well as the type you are buying. It might cost somewhere around $15-$ 30 thus it’s affordable, easy to use and effective.

Things that you do to cure, is pretty much the things that you can do to prevent heel spur. It’s not such a big problem that cannot be cured so good rest and proper heel spur remedy will cure this problem.

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