Medi-Dyne StrengthRite - Ankle/Shin/Calf Strengthening

StrengthRite provides an original, proactive solution for the prevention of and treatment from ankle, shin, calf and Achilles tendon injuries. Manufacturing with the input of medical professionals, carry’s more than easy straps or bands. Using StrengthRite we can do variety of exercises help to increase strength, prevent injury, speed recovery and reduce pain.
Medi-Dyne StrengthRite

Its provide an innovative solution for the treatment from and prevention of ankle (high and regular ankle sprains), shin splints, plantar fasciitis, calf and Achilles tendon injuries. Its contain restores stability, strength, range of motion and equilibrium through exercises that can be modified to meet you body needs. Exercises can be done in seated, standing or floor positions. Resolve the need for progressive levels of stretching and strengthening. There's no need to modify bands and no loss of struggle due to over use. The exclusive patent pending design enables you to adjust tension for varying levels of resistance and special areas of focus.
heelspur relief kit
As taping and braces may help, not anything replaces strength, flexibility, and balance in preventing ankle sprains. Complete your ankle naturally moves in four main directions or planes. And StrengthRite helps strengthen the muscles around the ankle, dropping the potential for shin splints, Achilles tendonitis, and plantar fasciitis,get the heel spur relief. Its combine’s durable webbing strap in an exclusive design that eliminates the snap back effect of easy bands.

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