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In olden days people can be more susceptible to health problems so it is important that they enjoy a balanced diet. Eating well is all about the different types of foods that make up our diet so take a look at what you eat during the day and try to get the balance right in order to improve your chances of living a healthy and fulfilling life.
"Balanced diet will given be happy always"
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A balanced diet should include plenty of fruit and vegetables, starchy food such as bread, rice, potatoes and pasta, some milk and dairy foods, meat, fish, eggs, beans and other non-dairy sources of protein.
It is advisable to consume just a small amount of foods and drinks which are high in fat and sugar as older adults need fewer calories than adolescents and young adults.
A balanced diet means eating the necessary portions of foods each day.
Eating Tips: 
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  • Fruits and vegetables are the foundation of a healthy diet.  It is having low calories and nutrient dense, which means they are packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber.
  • Milk and dairy foods such as cheese, and curds are good sources of protein. They also contain calcium, which helps to keep your bones healthy.
  • Sugar is most important our body. Sugar occurs naturally in foods such as fruit and milk, but we don't need to cut down on these types of sugar. Sugar is also added to lots of foods and drinks such as sugary fizzy drinks, cakes, biscuits, chocolate, pastries, ice cream and jam.
  • Meat, fish, eggs, beans and other non-dairy given balanced diets.

 Balanced diets for kids

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  • Starchy foods  like  bread, pasta and rice.
  • Daily eat  fruit and vegetables.
  • Protein foods like meat, fish, eggs, beans and lentils.
  • Dairy products like cheese, yoghurt,  milk.

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