Heel Spur Relief - Silicone Heel Cup with Cover

Only place your order for this produce and we will send you a free foot therapy ball. A soft cushioning silicone heel cup which helps decrease pain if the fat pad of the heel is inadequate. Dual durometer for maximum soothe while standing, walking or running. Medical position cushion heel cups, with extra soft blue dot to relieve heel pain.

Planned to absorb heel strike and shock, Silicone Gel Heel Cups are prepared of a skin-like medical grade silicone that resists bacterial development and does not dry out. The heel cups are hypo-allergenic, non-toxic and odorless. They will not level under repeated pressure from walking or standing and have a very lengthy life expectancy.

These heelcups are fit for everyday wear through sports, work or recreational activities.  Yielding blue spots provide improved shock absorption to the heel. It is a biomechanically designed. Healthy all shoe types. To clean, just clean in warm foamy water they will not at all retain odor.

Foot medics Silicone Gel Heel Cups are located on top of the accessible insole. The gel matter naturally grips in place without any glue. The cup shaped gel cushion helps to get better the stability of the heel within footwear. This helps to correct biomechanical position. In addition, the additional soft blue dot can help to provide direct heel spur relief . Persons with Diabetes must consult their doctor or podiatrist before using this product.

Heel Spur Relief - Silicone Heel Cup with Cover Heel Spur Relief - Silicone Heel Cup with Cover Reviewed by Belinda Marry on 20:37:00 Rating: 5

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