Fitness tips for kids

Fitness tips for kids
 Now a day’s all the parents are very busy in our works. They didn’t care about our kids. If you're a parent, you   worry about your kid’s health and well-being. You want your kids to grow up healthy and happy .All parents are keep your kid active and fit. Physical or outdoor activities and exercise are some fun ways to keep them moving. Because parents only role model in our child.

Child Fitness:
play-kidsIt is essential to access your child’s fitness. Daily kids are doing exercise it will given more energy.An athletic child will want to be on the basket ball team or excel in swimming; while the casual athlete may just enjoy playing cricket or badminton on the playground. The non-athletic child, on the other hand, is likely to need a parent's help and encouragement to get physically active.

Exercise benefits:

  •   Active manner
  •  Improves sleep patterns
  •  Keeps the body strong and in shape
  •  Improves posture
  •  Helps concentration
  •   Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Enhances self-esteem

Some tips for Kids:
  • Control the junk food
  • Keep a tab on TV-viewing and Internet-surfing hours
  • Walk along with them
  • Insert some fun on your exercise routines and be flexible

  • Be their role model
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