Benefits of Drumstick

The drumstick is a fairly common vegetable grown all more than India and Pakistan. It is valued mostly for the tender pod. It is antibacterial and a wonderful purifier. The drumstick tree is perennial, erect, slender, and medium sized with several arching branches. 
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It is mostly grown as a plot tree in most of the South Indian homes. It has drumstick like fruits, small white flowers and small and around leaves which are cooked and eaten as vegetable.Its an healthy vegetable.
There are several health benefits too, that people should be made sentient of, in order to get faster release from many health related conditions, and almost every part of the tree is ripe and beneficial to health. Roots, leaves and flowers are used to treat special diseases. Juice from the roots is also a counter-irritant. Leaves help in healing sores when used as a poultice relieve headaches and have purgative properties. 

Drumstick Healthy Benefits:
  • Juice of Drumstick when mixed in milk and obtainable to children greatly helps by strengthening their bones as it is said to be a huge source of Calcium. Also drumstick is said to be a great blood cleanser.
  • Pregnant women must often eat drumsticks as it helps relieve any kind of pre and post delivery problem.
  • Drumstick soup helps easiness any kind of chest congestions, coughs and painful throats.
  • Inhaling vapor of water in which drumsticks have been boiled helps ease asthma and extra lung problem.Benefits of Drumstick
  • Finally drumstick juice deeply adds to the flush on one’s face. Make a mix of drumstick and limejuice and pat it on your face. You will put your face glowing greatly.
  • Drumstick increases starvation in a human being. Cures stomach ache, heals headache, cures blood consumption by motion, cleanses urinary water, Weekly take 2 times drumstick, it removes the high temperature in the body, gas problems.
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