Gel Heel Spur Cushion

Silicone Medical Gel Heel spur Cushions that offer exceptional heel maintain protection and comfort. Negative stress forces that are usually absorbed by the body’s muscular-skeletal organism are now absorbed by the cushion and not here from the body.  

Lot of Healthcare unit and the Medical offer a range of insoles, heel lifts and heel spur cushions to alleviate pressure on the feet. One of the methods is Gel Heel Spur Cushion.Better silicone Medical Gel is compound. It made from heel design.

The heel spur cushions include Blue spot and soft center for heel spurs. Best for sports use, gardening, factory staff, building workers, office staff and for people who stand on hard outsides. Helps to dissipate shock and shear, caused by impact to the heel. Gel Heel cushions very Suits Plantar Fasciitis. It is very supports and comforts to the heel and its fits into existing footwear. In this heel cushions very hygienic and washable. Then its provide foot support, protection and comfort. It reduces painful shock waves to the heel spur.

Assist improve heel spur pain caused through calcaneal heel spurs, bruised heels and additional painful heel conditions. It also has more cushioning on the medial side of the plantar fascia for additional heel spur relief.The special shape and flexible polymer heel gel minimize high pressure points and stretch the body load evenly more than the entire heel surface. A simple removable plug customizes the heel spur cushion to treat a range of heel spur pain conditions.

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