Heel Spur Exercises - Toe And Towel Exercises

Toe Exercises
In our feet having 19 muscles, 18 of the 19 muscles attach directly connect to the toes.  Because we are shoe wearing people, the muscles become weak because we cannot move our toes freely.  The more you exercise your toes the stronger your whole feet become.
Toe exercises
Place a pen, marble, or any small thing on the ground. Live out moving it from one pile of pens to one more using just your toes. This will strengthen and raise circulation in your feet. Further treatment strategies take in supportive shoes, shoe inserts and relax. If exercise was the source of the pain reducing that movement for a short time would be a good idea. Some alternative exercises that put fewer stress on the feet is swimming, biking, elliptical, rowing, any better body exercises.

Towel Pull Stretch
Towel Pull exercises are an extra exercise that requires for individual carried out within a sitting posture. A towel pull be able to be done using a towel, a sheet, or a rubber Thera-Band known to you by your physical analyst. Take a rolled towel at both ends, holding it below the ball of your foot. Softly pull the towel in the direction of you at the same time as keeping your knee straight. 

Hold this situation for 15 to 20 seconds. Do again these exercises 5times.Then you get relief from the heel pain. This will stretch together the back of your leg with the bottom of your foot.

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