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Alopecia or hair loss is the medical explanation of the loss of hair from the head or body, sometimes to the scope of baldness. 

Unlike the common aesthetic depilation of body hair, alopecia tends to be reflex and unwelcome, e.g., androgenic alopecia. In several cases, hair loss is an suggestion of an underlying medical concern, such as iron insufficiency.

Causes of hair loss:
Fungal disease such as "black dot" tinea or tinea capitis, element breakage such as over processing, or everyday use ofhibiscus-plant chemical relaxer. Heat damage as starting repeated hot comb use, Chronic revelation to traction on hair stream such as Traction alopecia, Compulsive hair pulling for instance trichotillomania, Hypothyroidism, Iron deficiency, Alopecia areata, Telogen effluvium resulting from physical or psychological stress, Hereditary muddle of the hair shaft or genodermatoses, Adverse effect from certain drugs such as chemotherapy, Testosterone shot tablets.   

Some Natural Home Remedies for Hair Loss Problem:
  • Best natural remedy is apply coconut oil and wait for 1 hour after that take head bath. It will help to prevent the hair loss.
  • Do Not comb your hair behind taking head bath, wait till your hair gets dry. Consequently you will not lose any hair.
  • Apply Coconuts milk keen on your hair and wash after several time helps to prevent hair loss.
  • Apply egg yolk and massage little by little to hair and wait for an hour and wash it.
  • Apply Hibiscus plant leaves glue to hair and wait for half an hour along with wash it.
  • Hibiscus flower powder mix among rose water and make good as a paste and apply it to roots of the hair and wait for 30 mins and wash it.
home remedies
  • Mix egg yolk among henna and apply to hair and wash it what time it becomes dry.
  • Eat more protinized food it will prevent hair loss.
  • Eat as a lot as green leafy vegetables to stop hair loss.
  • Become dry the Holy Basil leaves and neem leaves, and make it as a crush and add some water to it and make it as a paste. Apply this paste to hair and wait for 1 hour and wash it.

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